Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century

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  • Applebee’s Original Weekly Journal
  • Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette
  • Bonner & Middleton’s Bristol Journal
  • Bristol Oracle and Country Intelligencer
  • British Apollo
  • Caledonian Mercury
  • Covent Garden Journal
  • Daily Advertiser
  • Daily Courant
  • Daily Journal
  • Daily Post
  • Daily Post Boy
  • Edinburgh Advertiser
  • Edinburgh Evening Advertiser
  • Edinburgh Evening Courant
  • English Post with News Foreign and Domestick
  • Evening Post
  • Felix Farley's Bristol Journal
  • Flying Post or The Post Master
  • Fogs Weekly Journal
  • Gazetteer and Daily Advertiser
  • Gazetteer and London Daily Advertiser
  • Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser
  • General Advertiser
  • General Advertiser (1744)
  • General Advertiser and Morning Intelligencer
  • General Evening Post
  • Glasgow Courant
  • Glasgow Journal
  • Gloucester Journal
  • Gore’s Liverpool Commercial Pamphlet
  • Liverpool General Advertiser, or the Commercial Register
  • Lloyd’s Evening Post
  • Lloyd's Evening Post and British Chronicle
  • London Chronicle
  • London Daily Post and General Advertiser
  • London Evening Post
  • London Gazette
  • London Journal
  • London Post with Intelligence Foreign and Domestick
  • Manchester Mercury
  • Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser
  • Northampton Mercury
  • Observator (1702)
  • Parker’s London News or the Impartial Intelligencer
  • Post Boy (1695)
  • Post Man and the Historical Account
  • Public Advertiser
  • Public Ledger
  • Public Ledger, Or, Daily Register of Commerce and Intelligence
  • St. James’s Evening Post
  • St. James’s Chronicle
  • St. James's Chronicle or the British Evening Post
  • St. James's Evening Post
  • Weekly Journal or British Gazetteer
  • Weekly Journal or Saturday’s Post
  • Whitehall Evening Post
  • Whitehall Evening Post or London Intelligencer
  • Williamson’s Liverpool Advertiser
  • Williamson’s Liverpool Advertiser and Mercantile Register

The newspapers listed above have yielded advertisements that appear in either the Runaway advertisement database or the additional For Sale document. Due to the large number of newspapers now available for digital searching online, hundreds of publications and hundreds of thousands of pages were searched utilising various appropriate search terms. Those newspaper titles registering positive results were then examined and read by project researchers (rather than relying on digital keyword searching alone) in order to ensure that as few advertisements as possible were missed. Newspapers which did not yield any useful results are not listed here. The institutions and archives consulted are listed below.


  • British Library: Microfilm (London)
  • British Library: Burney Collection (Online)
  • British Library: British Newspaper Collection (Online)
  • Bristol Library (Bristol)
  • Liverpool Central Library (Liverpool)
  • National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh)
  • Mitchell Library (Glasgow)
  • Oxford Bodleian Library: Nichols Newspaper Collection (Online)


Copyright was sought and obtained from each of the institutions. Details of copyright can be found on each advertisement's page.
'Run away', Evening Post,
22nd June 1731
Image © Nichols Newspaper Collection
All Rights Reserved.